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5 Things to Know When You Notice a Roof Leak

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

A roof leak can be the result of freak bad weather or gradual wear and tear. Either way, it's a nuisance that can turn into a severe problem. The best way to avoid a roof leak is to call a good Maryland roofing company to take care of your roof.

So how do you identify a roof leak, and what steps can you take to prevent further damage? Our Maryland roofing contractors recommend five things that you should check up on if you suspect your roof is leaking.

roof repair in Maryland

1. Check for Water Damage

Water damage can be visible in walls and ceilings. It takes the form of dark spots or ‘shadows’ around visible cracks.

As water leaks through from a faulty roof into the building, it weakens the entire structure. Leaving water damage unchecked could end up costing you a lot of money. The annual cost of water damage in the U.S. is astonishing, with the average homeowner spending nearly $7000.

While water damage may seem minor, it points to an underlying problem that isn't going to fix itself. If your property displays signs of water damage, contact our roofing company MD. We'll tackle the problem at the root and offer full repairs.

2. Shingles Need Routine Inspection

Shingles are your roof's main line of defense, but they can become compromised due to:

  • Bad weather

  • Attic heat warping shingles

  • Waterlogging or oversaturation, leading to warping

If you have missing or damaged shingles, water will inevitably seep in and cause a leak. Contact our Maryland roofing company anytime to inspect and repair your shingles.

3. The Attic Needs Ventilation

We all know that hot air rises. Fewer people know that hot air trapped in a poorly ventilated attic can lead to roof damage.

Excessive heat can damage roof shingles from the inside of the building, causing them to warp. If you have persistent problems with faulty shingles, the answer may not just be lousy weather outside.

Our roofing company MD can assess whether your attic has proper ventilation. We'll repair any existing damage and advise on how to create ventilation.

4. It Might Be Time to Replace Missing Granules on Shingles

Just as crucial as your shingles are the granules, which protect shingles from the sun.

Any excessive heat, including sunlight, can damage your shingles. Granules sometimes come off older shingles or for reasons such as tree damage.

Our Maryland roofing company can assess your shingles and granules' integrity and offer high-quality replacements if necessary.

5. Regular Roof Inspection Prevents Rot

Rot begins in waterlogged shingles—some kinds are more susceptible than others. Our roofing company MD knows the most durable shingles for local weather conditions.

We can also regularly inspect your roof to check for damage caused by rot. We're always happy to answer questions and offer expert guidance for your roofing needs.

Call the Best Maryland Roofing Company for Roof Leaks

Our Maryland roofing contractors offer professional, courteous service and many years of expertise in treating roof leaks. If you suspect your home has a roof leak, give us a phone call today—we'll be right over.


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