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5 Tips for Hiring a Roofing Contractor in Maryland

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Let's face it: roofs are a huge investment, but they're worth caring for. They protect your family and assets and make you feel safe. Maryland locals know that high-quality MD roofing is essential because of the harsh weather; if you don't invest in durable roofing that lasts during the harsh winters, you're going to be in trouble come spring.

However, you can't just put any roof over your head and call it a day. You need the best roofing in Maryland you can get your hands on. That starts with calling the best people for the job.

Here are several tips for finding the best roofing contractors in Maryland you need to keep the most cost-effective and long-lasting roof over your head in MD.

1. Check Reviews and Prior Projects

The best roofing companies in Maryland have several reviews and a portfolio gallery of their best work. Be sure to read through all of their comments, including the ones with the lowest scores. While the best Maryland roofers will mostly have 5-star reviews, it's not a bad sign to see a few outliers. On the other hand, if all the reviews are stellar, it might mean that this particular Maryland roofing company isn't transparent.

A lengthy portfolio gallery is a good sign that the business is one of the top roofing companies in Maryland. Professional galleries are great for two reasons: they show the quality of the work, and they illustrate the company's experience.

2. Confirm the Company has Insurance, Licenses, and Certifications

Insurance and licenses are strong indicators that a company is legitimate and serious about its craft. For example, top roofing companies in Maryland will have workers' compensation as well as liability insurance. You can also expect them to have state or nationally recognized licenses.

Certification and regular training is also a good sign that a roofing company in MD is professional and cares about safety. 96 roofers were injured while working in 2019 alone,so you can't risk bringing on uninsured roofers that could bring legal trouble if there's an injury.

3. Get a Referral from Someone You Trust

Ask a friend or family member to provide honest feedback about their experience with a local roofing company. See what they have to say about the quality of the work and the customer service of their former Maryland roofing provider.

We recommend specifically inquiring about the issues and shortcomings they experienced with the business during the process as well. If they could change something about the service, what would it be?

4. Request Everything in Writing with Thorough Explanations

The most trustworthy MD roofing contractors will always provide written quotes and summaries of proposed work. They should answer all of your questions thoroughly and leave you feeling confident in their abilities. However, if they can't, we recommend considering a different Maryland roofing contractor.

Written proposals and quotes serve another purpose as well. They allow you to compare the details of multiple offers so that you can choose the best option for your needs.

5. Trust a Local Business

While nationwide companies may be more established and regulated, local companies know Maryland better than any corporate chain.

Local providers have insight into the best times of the year to install a roof, which styles are popular in your neighborhood, etc. Plus, they are easier to contact, tend to be more personable, and have a passion for making your MD community a more beautiful place.

Bottom Line

When looking for the best Maryland roofers, these five tips will point you towards a Maryland roofing company that cares about your property.

Do your research and look for five-star reviews, but be wary if there is no feedback at all. Also, we suggest going for a local business and fostering communication if you want to get the best quality results possible.


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