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How Roofers Deal With Unique Features of Your Roof: Top 3 Challenges

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

When your house was built, there was everything to consider from the practical ventilation system to the aesthetic beauty. However, those things that make your home unique can also spell trouble for roofing contractors in Maryland, especially those with less experience.

While there are challenges every contractor may face when repairing or replacing Maryland roofing, there are many tricks of the trade to ensure your home is protected, functioning as it should, and looking great.

Wondering if your home will be a challenge for roofing companies in Maryland? Here are the three unique challenges that contractors face when replacing or repairing your home's roofing system.

How Roofers Deal With Unique Features of Your Roof: Top 3 Challenges

Unique Styles and Shapes

Roofing in Maryland is often designed to be weatherproof and energy-efficient to protect your home and keep your energy bills low. This means that the top of your home isn't going to be perfectly flat and smooth.

The top of your house will often feature valleys to redirect the water down and off the house. However, the valleys hold a lot of water weight, leaving them vulnerable to leaks. Without the right protections, you could end up with a huge repair bill after a storm. It is important to contact a trusted Maryland roofing company to reinforce them to ensure they stay weather resistant.

Technicians will apply an underlayment to create a waterproof base layer under the roof decking. Depending on the type of shingles on your home, they will be installed either open style or closed style and possibly have to have the shingles woven in to add an extra layer of protection.

The shape on top of your home with its unique angles and slopes will also determine the amount of ventilation required. Certain angles cause the risk of obstructing airflow to those areas. However, contractors will often catch this and install exhausts and intake vents to allow proper circulation to those areas.

Ventilation Parts

A roofing company in MD knows that they will probably have to deal with vents, fans, and chimneys for any repairs or replacement jobs. But these openings to your home must be installed and maintained well to stop leaks.

To divert water away from your chimney, your contractor may install a cricket or vertical step flashing.

If you suspect that your chimney, fans, or vents may be the culprit of your leaky home, be sure to call a Maryland roofing company right away for an inspection.

Intricate Architectural Features

Maryland roofing has the potential to have certain complex features such as dormers, cones, and turrets which require special attention during a replacement, repair, or installation. For dormers, step flashing and waterproofed underlayment will need to be installed to prevent water from leaking through them.

If your home has turrets and cones, be advised that these features are often time-consuming to work around.

Contact the Best Roofing Companies in Maryland

Your home is unique, so don't leave an important job to inexperienced contractors. Call the experts to care for your roofing in Maryland, and protect yourself and your home, no matter what challenges the house brings.


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