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How to Choose the Right Roof Color

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

During your roof replacement process, the time will come for you to choose shingle color, and you'll be faced with many factors to consider. You may have driven around Maryland checking out the choices of other properties for ideas, and you may have taken a look at your neighbors for some inspiration, too. But if you're still not set on the right color, our Maryland roofing company is here to help you come to a conclusion.

Here are several factors to keep in mind when choosing the right color for your roof.

How to Choose the Right Roof Color

Consider the Climate 

As well as looking attractive and well-constructed, the color of the roof you choose should depend on the local weather.

For example, summers in Baltimore bring high humidity levels and you will want to prevent heat from entering the home as much as possible. The color you choose for your Maryland roofing will impact the temperature in your home and how much you have to use your AC to combat the sweltering heat. While dark shingles are better suited to cooler climates, roofing in Maryland that's white or peach will deflect heat and lower your utility bills.

Consider Your Location

In Maryland, it's not a one-color-fits-all scenario — there are many neighborhoods with many house types. The best roofing companies in Maryland will recommend matching your roof with the type of house and area you live in.

For example, those living in woodland areas surrounded by trees and nature will want to choose a color that complements the landscape. For urban homes, slate-colored or slate shingles are popular and blend in with the environment, especially in historic districts.

Take into account the architectural style of your home as well. You don't want the color or style to look out of place in your neighborhood as it could devalue your property and the neighborhood.

If you're stuck on what color goes with your home's style, roofing companies in Maryland can advise you on the best materials that will suit your neighborhood and home.

Try Samples

If you want to opt for a color that's different from your neighbor and surrounding area, you want to ensure that it is going to at least match. Just like carpet and upholstery, you can obtain individual shingle samples to “try before you buy.”

Find shingle samples in various building centers or at your local roofing company in MD and experiment. These samples give you the chance to see what the shingles look like next to your neighbors, as well as the features of your house, including gutters, shutters, siding, and house color.

Final Thoughts

Dark shingles will absorb the sun's rays and draw more heat into your home. Meanwhile, lighter shingles will deflect heat in the hot Maryland summers, making these colors ideal for homes in this state. Darker colors tend to give homes a more dramatic and grand look, whereas lighter colors brighten up a home.

When deciding between the two spectrums, be sure to take into consideration your local climate and the surrounding homes. Whatever color you decide upon, we recommend getting a second opinion from roofing contractors in Maryland. They might have a color suggestion you haven't thought of that fits perfectly with your property.


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