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How to Deal with Roof Wind Damage in Maryland

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

You don't have to live in tornado or hurricane country to experience roof wind damage. Even in beautiful Maryland, where the weather isn't typically extreme, your home can suffer from severe wind damage. The National Weather Servicereports that wind damage is possible with 40-50mph winds.

Over time, even moderate winds can wreak havoc, and the damage may not always be easy to spot. Luckily, Maryland roofing contractors can spot the signs and provide recommendations so that small issues don't become more serious.

Roof Wind Damage in Maryland

What Are the Different Types of Roof Damage?

Most people know damage can result from major storms, but it can also occur gradually over time. Here are the most common types of issues resulting from windstorms:

Lifting Shingles

Wind can pull the shingles upwards, loosening the nails. Wind can blow between the loosened shingles and decking, which can cause whole sections of your roof to come loose.

Loose Shingles and Leaks

Shingles around the edge of your roof are particularly susceptible to wind damage. It can cause leaks. Water damage repairs are more costly than preemptive maintenance. A Maryland roofing company can give you peace of mind if you have damaged shingles.


Strong winds and heavy storms can knock down trees and send branches and other objects flying through the air. When these collide with or land on your roof, the structural damage may be worse than it appears.

Loose Patches

Unbeknownst to you, a patch of your roof may have loosened during a previous storm. The next time strong winds blow, it could spell significant issues. It's a good idea to contact a roofing company in MD after a major storm to ensure your home is still in good shape.

What Are the Consequences of Roof Damage?

It's best to call an expert whether you think your roof damage is minor or severe. Always exercise caution when attempting to remove debris from your roof yourself. Never go near downed power lines. You should report these to the police immediately.

Regular maintenance is an essential aspect of homeownership. Routine repairs will save you money in the long run. Just as cars need oil changes, roofs need regular maintenance as well.

Small roofing issues will worsen if left unchecked. You could end up needing serious structural repairs, which will be more costly.

Another consequence of neglected roofs is water damage from leaks. Water intrusion can damage every part of a house, leading to problems, including mold and mildew growth.

Not only are mold and mildew a health hazard, but they're threats to the structural integrity of your roof. You could end up needing a full-scale roof replacement. You're better off proactively maintaining your roof to prevent significant structural damage.

Protect Your Roof

If you haven't given your roof much thought in years, it's time to check in with a roofing contractor, even if you don't see visible damage. After all, your roof is the thing keeping your family safe, dry, and warm.

Contacting a roofing expert is the best way to have peace of mind. You'll sleep better knowing your home is in tip-top shape.

Call a Maryland roofing contractor today. You'll be glad you did.


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