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How to Detect and Patch a Roof Leak

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Unfortunately, regardless of the quality of the shingles that adorn the roof of your Maryland home, once in a while, you'll have a leak. Don't panic! There is a simple solution, and you have access to all the best roofing companies in Maryland to help.

As the weather takes its toll on your roof, you're likely to end up with a few warped, cracked, or curled shingles. You may find after a storm that some of your shingles are missing entirely! These affected shingles will need repairs or replacing to stop the leaking.

While you can accomplish this task yourself, many homeowners prefer to seek the aid of professional roofing contractors in Maryland. They ensure a job well done, relieving you of the potential danger involved in getting on your roof.

Whether you want to involve Maryland roofing professionals or not, here are four easy steps to getting your roof back to its normal condition.

Step 1: Locate the Leak

There are several tell-tale signs of a leaky roof that you as a homeowner should know. The most obvious of these are stains appearing on your ceiling from water that has gotten past your compromised shingles.

Roofing professionals recommend that you inspect your attic ceiling once in a while to try to find any areas where water is getting through. It would be best if you also examined the home's exterior for shingles that are missing or damaged in some way, as this can reveal an entry point for moisture.

Step 2: Repair Any Shingles That Are Salvageable

This procedure is simple enough to do on your own, provided you have the right materials. You'll need roofing cement, which you should be able to find at your local hardware store. Using a caulk gun and a putty knife, just spread the roofing cement under the shingle and apply pressure to set it.

Of course, most homeowners prefer to have this repair work done by a professional, and many roofing companies in Maryland are available to provide this service.

Step 3: Replace Any Badly Damaged or Missing Shingles

It's not uncommon for Maryland homes to suffer roof damage from inclement weather, which can take quite a toll on your shingles.

If a shingle has become too severely damaged, you'll need to remove and replace it with a new one. You'll also need to fill in any spots where a shingle has gone missing as well.

A company specializing in roofing in Maryland will be able to assist you with this process, but if you prefer, you can do it on your own.

Pry the nails loose with a pry bar and scrape away the cement to remove the shingles. Then nail the new shingles into place and cover the nails with roof cement.

Step 4: Remedy the Flashing

If any areas with metal flashing have leaks, you just have to reseal the joints to fix the problem. To do this, use a caulk gun and a putty knife to apply roofing cement to any affected areas and press it down firmly to set it. A roofing company in MD can assist you with this task if you prefer not to do the work yourself.


Patching a roof leak is simple in theory, but some homeowners may not feel up to doing the job themselves. If you feel comfortable, you can get supplies at your local hardware store and follow the steps above to fix the problem. However, your local Maryland roofing company will be delighted to provide you with assistance.


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