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Replacing Your Shingle Roof In Maryland: A Complete Guide

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

In Maryland, replacing a shingle roof can be a huge undertaking. The many options and important details can be intimidating. But focusing on the considerations below will make the process stress-free and get you a beautiful and long-lasting roof.

Types of Shingles: What Are the Options?

Roof repair in Maryland includes two main shingle types for your roof, a 25-year roof and a 50-year roof. These are the number of years you can expect the roof type to last.

The go-to rule of thumb is to choose the 50-year shingles because most of the time, these shingles are only marginally more expensive and will last 200% longer than the cheaper option.

By adding that little extra cost, you get the guarantee of an extra layer of shingling, at least 130 miles per hour wind resistance, and an extra layer of waterproofing on each shingle. Our roofing company MD's recommendation is to choose the longer-lasting shingle material.

Brand Options

It can be intimidating to see how many roof shingling brands exist, and the differences are not always apparent. However, some of the best brands include CertainTeed and GAF based on their reputation and high-quality products.

On account of their extended longevity, durability, and bright color, Owens Corning is the top brand used by roofers.

Owens Corning is also one of the most experienced brands, with almost 100 years in the business, making them Maryland roofing company's number one choice!

Underneath the Shingles

When your roof needs replacing, your roofer will strip off the previous structure and even the material directly underneath.

The options for replacing the underlayment include a synthetic material made from fiberglass that provides durability and water resistance or a more old-style paper material.

The paper option is thick but not durable and susceptible to water damage. If you need your roof to last, it is worth the slight increase in cost to have the durable and lasting synthetic underlayer protecting your home.

Ventilation Is a Necessity

Attics need to have airflow through them if you want to prevent any mildew, mold, or humidity/water damage to your ceiling and belongings. Ventilation can even decrease your energy bills!

Your Maryland roofing contractors can add ventilation spaces either at the peak of your attic or near the eaves and gutters.

These ventilation strips secure in place after the roofer removes a small rectangular area of the plywood from the chosen area of your roof. In its place, the contractor will place a “smart vent” that allows for air, and only air, to flow into the space.

With the ventilation installed, the roofer can place a unique type of covering and shingles atop the vent to cover it up and keep your attic air fresh!

Call Maryland Roofing Company Today!

For your roof replacements or roof repair in Maryland, we have you covered. Get the best in the business on your team, so you get the best and most durable roof possible! Give us a call for more information!


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