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Spring Storm Preparation for Your Roof

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Has your home endured a rough winter season? It might seem like everything is easy and clear now, but spring also brings dangerous thunderstorms. They can cause significant lightning damage and spell damage to your estate.

For Maryland residents, the thunderstorms are just the start of it. Maryland's Emergency Management Agency has put out notices warning about dangerous spring weather across the state year after year. Why should this year be any different?

If you're a homeowner in The Old Line State, the odds are likely that you'll have to worry about flooding, strong winds, and hail in addition to thunderstorms. So what can you do to prepare your roof for the onslaught of spring weather?

As a roofing company in MD, we've seen it all over the years. Here are tips you can implement to prepare your home for spring storms.

Bravo Roofing Company MD

1. Clean Your Gutters

The first thing you should do is get somebody to check your gutters for both clogging and damage. If you aren't already having your gutters cleaned regularly, you might come to regret it in the future.

Gutters collect excess rainwater and prevent it from seeping into the foundation of your home. But during storms, leaves and debris could clog these. Clogged gutters could potentially require thousands of dollars in repairs.

If your area has seen recent spring storms, call our Maryland roofing contractors. We can take a look at your gutters and help clear them out to keep your home safe from leaks and water damage.

2. Inspect Your Attic

The attic is an important part of regulating the temperature and moisture in your home during the winter. Heat rises, so the heat in your home will rise to the attic. During the coldest months, that heat can trap moisture in your attic and cause a litany of problems, including mold, ice dams, and pest infestations.

As you prepare for springtime, make sure not to neglect your attic. It has been working overtime for the past few months, and it could now require essential repairs that you shouldn't waste time on completing.

3. Check Surrounding Trees

If you have trees on your property, they could have grown quite a bit since you've last taken a good look at them. Get a Maryland roofing company to assess whether any trees are a potential hazard in the event of a storm or tornado.

Letting your trees grow unchecked could lead to significant damage to your roof flashing and shingles. Flashing is a thin layer of metal placed beneath your shingles to prevent water from leaking through your roof. It's not uncommon for falling tree branches--or in extreme cases, falling trees--to cause significant damage to flashings and shingles.

You can avoid the hassle of repairs or getting a new roof by examining your property for trees and any other potential roof hazards.


Preparing for spring thunderstorms is crucial, but it can be dangerous. If you're looking for a Maryland roofing company to perform maintenance on your home, call us today.


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