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The Ultimate Homeowners Guide to Farmhouse Style

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

The farmhouse style has seen a massive resurgence recently, with many US homeowners incorporating some of its popular design elements into their homes.

And it's no surprise, really. From its warm and approachable feel, creating a soothing environment to come home to after a long day's work, to its versatility and ability to work with other trends, the farmhouse is timeless, comforting, and beautiful.

But if you want to embrace the design fully, you have to think about the exterior, too. Lucky for you, roofing contractors in Maryland can help you achieve the classic farmhouse structure from the outside, so you can concentrate on the inside.

Here's how to achieve the classic farmhouse look just by updating your Maryland roofing.

The Ultimate Homeowners Guide to Farmhouse Style

Restrained Roofing

The farmhouse exterior is very down-to-earth, and its restrained roofing style is a key feature in achieving the look. Traditionally built without the help of an architect, farmhouse structures are simple and resemble either shed or gable roofs. Here's the difference:

• Gable roofs have two parts of equal size and slope down from a central ridge to create the classic triangle look

• Shed roofs are flat and slope down steeply in one direction

Due to their style, the latter has gained popularity elsewhere, too: contemporary and industrial lovers also opt for shed-style roofing due to its minimalist look.

It's up to you which farmhouse style you prefer - your roofing company in MD will take care of the rest.

Simple Siding

Simple siding was typically used to create the quaint and modest exterior of American farmhouses. The outside of a home would also feature shutters to add detail, like basic trim around the windows. While traditional farmhouses were not meant to make a statement but instead house large, hardworking families, this simplicity now draws people in.

These days, there are a variety of materials you can use to achieve this look. From vinyl, engineered wood, and metal, the best roofing companies in Maryland will source your preferred siding.


In original farmhouses, large front porches were a typical feature you'd commonly see. They were the areas where farmers and their families could relax and enjoy a cool breeze on hot summer days. The porch is the perfect place to store dirty coats and muddy boots and avoid taking dirt into the house.

As an extension of the main living space, a porch roof can also be built in the gable or shed style. If you're looking to add this extra structure to your home to create a farmhouse style, call your Maryland roofing company to ensure a quality job.

Add Some Farmhouse Charm to Your Home

Right now, there are many types of roofing in Maryland, and the farmhouse style is one of them. From its simplicity to its rich history, many American homeowners are opting to tone down their exterior and pay homage to this traditional style.

So, if the farmhouse style is something you've always wanted to incorporate into your home, why not call your Maryland roofing company today to discuss your options?


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