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Types of Roofs in Maryland

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Maryland residents know the importance of having a roof that can survive no matter the weather. The roof needs to withstand both the heavy snow and intense sunshine, depending on the part of the state where you live.

So what is the best type of roof for homeowners in our beautiful state? Whether you're simply curious or you're looking for a roof replacement, knowing the different types can be beneficial. As a Maryland roofing company, we've seen what works (and what doesn't) for the homeland of the black-eyed Susan flower.

Let's dive into the various roofs you'll see so that you can get a structure that not only will last but could improve the value of your home.

Asphalt Roofs

The most frequently seen roof in Maryland is asphalt shingles. The material generally lasts between 15 and 20 years, depending on the weather. Maryland roofing contractors recommend asphalt shingles because of their cost-to-value and resistance to intense weather.

Most homes in MD have pitched roofs. Asphalt is simple to install, maintain, and replace on the sloped structure.

If you opt for asphalt, you can still get creative with your design. There are a variety of methods that our team can use to pour the material on your roof. Once we attach shingles, your new roof will provide you with protection and style.

3 Tab Asphalt Roofs

Another type of asphalt roofing is 3 tab shingles. The name refers to the arrangement of the individual pieces, which is using three separate tab pieces. You can choose from a few styles and varieties depending on your budget and sense of style.

With a 3-tab shingle installation, you reap a few benefits. First, they are incredibly affordable. Our team can quickly put up and maintain the shingles for you at a lower cost. The material lasts, on average, 20 years with regular care. Plus, the shingles keep snow and water off your roof well.

Maryland roofing company experts recommend 3-tab roofs for rental properties, lower-income homes, and situations where the house's resale value is not a significant concern.

Architectural Roofs

Roofing company MD professionals can also install architectural roofs. The shingles of these roofs feature a fiberglass base and ceramic-based mineral granulate cover. The result is a more dimensional appearance and the style of shake singles.

The manufacturer's guarantee on architectural shingles tends to be 30 years on average due to being heavy and thick compared to 3 tab varieties. Maryland roofing contractors use these shingles due to their high-quality water and intense weather resistance.

Using these materials will generally increase the resale value of your home. Plus, tenants and renters will appreciate the added protection of the rental space.

Contact Your Maryland Roofing Company

Are you looking to hire a roofing company MD? Our team works hard to provide the best experience in Maryland. Whether you want new shingles installed, replaced, or repaired, we have your back. Our professional contractors are available whenever you need to protect the roof of your home. Give us a call today!


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