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There are two styles of metal roofing. Screw-down (using exposed fasteners) is used on most standard homes.

The screws have a tendency to "back out" after seven to ten years, requiring normal maintenance. Standing seam (using concealed fasteners) is considered an upgrade and is the more costly of the two.


Modified roofing is made by all shingle manufacturers. It can be installed by the "torch apply" method or it can be "hot mopped". Some modified roofing is "self-adhering" so no heat source is required. Modified roofing is used on most commercial applications as well as patio roofs and in the waterproofing of walk on decks. Single-ply roofing also is available in TPO which does not require a flame for installation and carries a 10 years warranty.


Few things add value and long lasting beauty to a home more than real slate. In the past the durability of this natural material was offset by its heavy weight.

However, we utilize a variety of installation methods that can reduce the weight of slate so additional engineering is often not required. In fact, many of our clients building custom homes have opted for this incomparable material. 


Composition is by far the most popular and widely-used home roofing material. It typically comes in 25-, 30-, 50-year “lives. 25-year shingles are used on most starter homes and have no texture. 30-year shingles have a dimensional or architectural look with good curb appeal. 50-year shingles and higher are considered specialty shingles and recommended as an upgrade to consider.

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