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Roofing Contractor in Laurel, MD

Laurel, Maryland is known for having unpredictable weather throughout the year. These weather patterns may cause some erosion to your roof, requiring a roof repair or even an entire roof replacement.

Our Laurel roofing contractors are here to repair any damage caused by the elements such as thunderstorms and winter ice storms. Bravo Roofing can handle any roofing replacement needs in a very professional manner.

Get in touch with our team for all your roofing needs.

About Our Roofing Laurel, MD

At Bravo Roofing, we hold some of the top contractors in Laurel, MD. Our Laurel roofing experts are knowledgeable, experienced, and can handle complex home improvement projects. We inspect, diagnose, and offer complimentary quotes for any problem areas on your roof.

The Bravo team covers several roof replacement materials, among them asphalt, metal, and slate. No matter what roof maintenance is required, our roofing company is there to help replace and restore any roofing material. 

Roofers at Work

What We Offer

At Bravo Roofing, we gather all the information necessary to determine whether the roof will need a replacement or repair. In certain instances, over several years, weather elements will begin to erode the architectural shingles.

Though it may not be severe, small bits of wear and tear can cause bigger issues. A small hole in the roof can lead to intense flooding along regions of the house. This can cause mass damage to the interior of the home, requiring another roof installation.

Many Laurel, MD customers have concerns about their ability to file an insurance claim. They also express concern over their roofing companies possessing the right certificates. Many states require a specific form of licensing and insurance policy for any roofing project costs.

Bravo takes care of any of these concerns by providing a roofing professional with the most recent certificates and insurance qualifications. Our roofing business is here to help you every step of the way.

Professional Residential Roofing

Bravo offers the top roofing contractors that will provide a complete tear-off and wood replacement for roofing systems.

Roofing systems are a series of interconnected roof components that serve to protect your home. These components also allow your attic to stay cool and dry.

So, with this protection, your home becomes a more comfortable space to live in, providing even cooling to your ventilation systems. Our professional roofing work includes things like replacing the leak barrier.

One aspect of a roofing system is a foundational rubber component known as a leak barrier. This high-performance barrier safeguards vulnerable areas of your roof. This includes the eaves and valleys around the chimney area and plumbing vents.

These areas are prone to leaks. Thus, a reinforced rubbery compound provides a strong barrier. Replacing these rubber bearings provides reinforcement, increasing the durability of your roofing project.  

Switching Roofs
Roof Construction

Roof Deck Installation

On top of that, a roofing contractor can install a strong roof deck. So, in Maryland, during those harsh ice storms and thunderstorms, the deck will prevent wind-driven rain from sneaking underneath the shingles.

Other companies provide cheap felt materials that can easily fall apart over a small number of years. However, Bravo provides a stronger deck material as opposed to other roofing services.

Proper Roof Inspection

There are signals to be aware of while diagnosing your roof damage.

Roofing contractors generally inspect the condition of the asphalt shingle roof. This is to gauge the shingles' working life to see if you need your roof replaced.

If you notice leakage coming from the roof after heavy rainfall, there may be an issue with the shingle underlayment. This could also allude to an issue with your roof flashings.

Another piece of physical damage to look out for is the tearing and blistering of the exterior or interior paint. Excessive temperatures can cause this damage to the paint over long periods of exposure. 

So, if your attic is damaged, it may suggest that the ventilation system is faulty. The roof may not be able to contain the higher air quality.

Image by Phil Hearing

Damage Repair From Extreme Temperatures

The humidity from the extreme heat may seep into the interior parts of the attic. The roofing system must undergo repairs to improve attic ventilation.

Also, if you notice stains on your interior walls and ceilings, this could pose an issue. You may see mold and mildew growth in certain parts of the ceiling. This mold growth can foreshadow inevitable poor shingle underlayment and attic ventilation.

If you look above your house and see damaged shingles, this is a sure-fire sign that your roof needs repairs. This includes all cracked, curled, or entirely missing shingles.

This damage showcases the end of your shingles' lifespan. Vegetation and fungus will begin to appear, causing certain areas of your roof to appear dark and abraded.  

Loss of the shingle granules can cause this dark and eroded appearance as well. Get in touch with our roofing company to learn more.

Excessive Energy Bill Solutions

Another subtle key to learning about roofing damage is your excessive energy bill. If it seems like the air isn't securely stationed within your household, you may be right.

Inadequate ventilation in your attic can cause your heating and cooling system to run endlessly.

If you see any of these signals of danger, it's time to call and consult with a roofing contractor. They can diagnose what exactly is spiking your energy bill. 

Accountant at Work
Replacing Tiles

Roof Repairs

In addition to roof repair, Bravo's crew will inspect other exterior structures that may endure damage. This includes gutters, sidings, and flashing material that may need an update.

If the flashing is damaged, it may pour water into some vulnerable areas of the roof, including the chimneys and vents.

Help With Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is also important to maintain to help prevent blockage. If the gutters get clogged, it will cause blockages in the downspouts, preventing necessary drainage.

This requires gutter cleaning or building a new gutter system. If this is the case, Bravo will have new gutters installed in a timely manner.

Cleaning a Rain Gutter
Roof Construction

Handling Roof Replacements

Routine inspection of your home is important, especially if your home is 20 years old or older. Roofing pros can diagnose issues with an old roof in less than a day.

Bravo's professional services do a great job of understanding how to determine the issues and survey the whole process of roof inspection. Diagnosing whether your home needs a roof replacement or not is a lengthy process.

Certain inclines on roofs are dangerous. Some individuals may want to do their own research, but it's wise not to climb up on your own to thoroughly check your roof's damage, especially without a harness.

An experienced professional can secure safety harnesses to help provide the right roof replacement consultation under the safest terms. Professionals can check to see if you have roof shingle sheathing and siding decay.

Bravo will itemize and give you a specific breakdown of the costs to replace these shingles and sidings.

Installing Metal Drip Edge

Bravo contractors can provide other services such as tending to the metal drip edge. These setups keep water away from the edges of the roof. It also provides a clean finished look to your new roof repair.

In addition, these specially designed starter strips have a specially made adhesive. These strips will provide tight security for the first row of your shingles, keeping them in place.

This can help prevent a blow-off from powerful wind during a storm.

Climbing a Ladder

Ridge Vent Installation

At the tip of your roof, a roofing contractor may encourage you to install a ridge vent.

These vents correlate with soffit vents in your eaves or intake vents, allowing hot, moist, damaging air to escape the crevices of your attic. This tepid air can damage certain aspects of your roof.

If you decide to install a ridge vent, the final component will be a ridge cap shingle. This shingle setup can help cover the ridge vent, giving the roof a nice finished look.

These shingles can reflect the finishing touches on your roof's shingles.

Working With Solar Energy 

Bravo promotes the use of solar energy and can also aid in working around or in tandem with solar panels. If they are self-installed, they can unhook or aid in re-installation.

Bravo does a wonderful job of taking the necessary precautions before installation. Before initial contact, team members will ensure that all materials will not damage any pre-existing paneling.

Solar Panels
Row of Houses

Adding Protective Siding Installation

Siding installation builds a protective shield around your home. It's also an active defense measure against all forms of sleet, snow, wind, and hail, prominent weather patterns in Laurel, Maryland.

Once you have siding installed, you'll benefit from its secure way of keeping warm and cool air inside your home.

Bravo's siding professionals do a fantastic job of assessing any damage done to your home's siding and front door. You can also consult with professionals to get estimates on the cost of having siding installed on the exterior of your home.

During heaving storms, damage to electrical outlets and sidings can cause leaks to spill into your home. If a homeowner neglects this damage and refuses to have siding installed, it may cause severe water damage to your home.

Roof Replacement Materials

New roof trends do not change too often. But, you'll want to know what's the best roofing material available for your budget.

There are several different types of materials used for roof protection. Some are more hefty investments but provide more durability.

Asphalt Shingle Roof

The asphalt roof is one of the more common roofing materials used. If your home's roof is only a few years old, you may find that simple shingle roofing repairs are sufficient. However, more severe damage may be caused by intense storms, completely demolishing the roof.

Roof Shingles
Roof Tiles

Metal Roofing

Installing a metal roof may come as a surprise to some people, but metal roofing is growing in popularity due to its longevity. It's a new roof that can improve energy conservation while maintaining a pleasing aesthetic. The average metal roof can cost between $800-$1200 per 100 square feet.

Slate Roofing

Natural slate roofing is a beautiful alternative option to the average set of shingles. These types of roofing materials last a long time. The durability is a plus since slate can be a heavy investment, weighing in at around $2.00 per square foot.


Cedar Shake Roofing

Cedar shingles provide a beautiful rustic look to your home. Cedar shake roofing is a great way to make your home stand out against the masses. It provides durability while reflecting a country-estate flair that is unique to your tastes. You can expect to pay $4.00 per square foot. 

Another bonus is that its warm hue doesn't absorb the heat. Asphalt shingles can absorb the heat of the sun with their dark texture. Cedar shake roofing not only gives you a warm hue and durability, but a great cost-benefit regarding energy efficiency.

Why Choose Us?

Your roofing contractor needs to install all the missing components of your roofing system. Our team never takes shortcuts or skips details to finish faster. That's why we ensure quality workmanship and customer satisfaction at a reasonable price.

Other roofing businesses may skip out on these details, to finish a job quickly. This can cause trouble later on down the road with home improvement.


A roof built by top-tier professionals in the Laurel, MD area will ensure an excellent job, removing all the stress from a faulty installation.


Bravo can ensure that your home improvements will increase the comfort of your home. In addition, it will last longer than your average roofing system.

Fixing Roofs

We're a Family of Roofing Contractors

Bravo is a family-owned and operated full-service roofing company, providing all your roofing needs in Laurel, Maryland.

The roofing services provided are professionally conducted, ensuring your entire roof is taken care of and in peak condition. They offer the best contractors in the Laurel, Maryland area, with several years worth of combined experience. 

Several homeowners and business owners have sought the professional quality of Bravo's roofing services leaving lengthy positive reviews.

Contact Us Today

Schedule a consultation today to receive an estimate regarding your roof's inspection and installation needs. Bravo's roofing professionals are guaranteed to make your roof look brand new while maintaining top quality standards. 

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