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Roofing a House

Roofing Towson, MD

Towson MD homeowners know what a special area this is. With its urban and suburban fusion of coffee shops, restaurants, parks, and its friendly community, Towson MD is one of the best towns in Maryland to live in.

Our team of roofing contractors at Bravo Roofing aims to live up to this legacy by looking after our clients in the local community

to the best of our ability.

Our Services

Our Towson roofers provide a range of convenient roofing solutions for you.

We can repair existing roofs or install new roofing for both commercial and residential properties.

We accept work contracts on existing properties, as well as new projects.

We are capable of installing a new roofing system on your construction project or conducting a simple repair.

Don't look any further when looking for roofing services – we take care of all aspects of the job for you.

Switching Roofs

Repairs and Replacements

Our roof repair services are valuable to the Towson, MD community. We can get some big storms in the area, during which roofing often gets damaged. After a storm, you may notice loose, missing, worn, torn, damaged shingles, or a leaking roof.

We can help restore your roof to what it should be when this happens. A roofing contractor from our company can provide comprehensive repair and maintenance services and undertake partial or full roof replacements.

Corner of a Roof Gutter

Gutters and Windows

We can also do gutter replacement, like seamless aluminum gutters, installing gutter guards, and even windows. We pride ourselves on offering personal services so that you can get the exact result you desire.

Red Roof


At Bravo, we undertake specialized work. We can assist with matters like rare material repair, and shingle remodeling. We can also assist with energy consumption management.

Our locally owned, specialized Towson MD services will leave you feeling confident and well protected.

Roofing for Residential and Commercial Properties

At Bravo Roofing, we offer complete services for both residential and commercial properties. We have the experience to perform repairs, installations, or replace damaged roofs.


Residential Roofing Services

Being a homeowner or tenant in Towson MD comes with several responsibilities. You need to make sure your property is well maintained, and safe to live in. You also want to make sure it has some curb appeal. This is especially true of your roofing, which needs to be strong and insulated enough to keep rain, ice, snow, or wind from damaging your home.

This responsibility means that you may want to embark on a home improvement project. We’ll help you decide on design, textures, colors and details so that your home or business can look its best and be well protected from the elements. You’ll love the professional options available with our CertainTeed and GAF ranges.


Commercial Roofing Services

Keeping your commercial roofing in the best order is crucial. The safety of your employees, equipment, and products relies on it.

Our Towson MD technicians can do full inspections to ascertain your roofing maintenance needs, and then undertake any repair or roof installation, roof replacement work necessary. We ensure the roofing work we do adheres to the most stringent standards without compromising on long lasting durability.

Bravo Roofing has established an excellent reputation for providing various commercial roofing services. We can repair a current roof, or install a new roof. We are known for our flat tar services. This option also includes the sealing and molding of masonry joints and windows that one typically sees on brick buildings.

Why Choose Bravo?

We believe Bravo is a great company to choose for all your roofing needs. At Bravo, we work directly with our clients to make sure we meet requirements and expectations.

Choosing the right commercial roofing contractors can be a challenging decision for you as a business owner. So, we make the entire process as convenient and easy as possible for you.


Our many years of experience mean we can confidently apply a mess-free policy, ensuring the finishing of our workmanship is professional.  We're proud that any roofing contractor from our team can provide you with quality craftsmanship.

Switching Roofs
Judges Examining Document

Proven Record and Fully Insured

Our company has a proven track record and is fully insured and licensed by the State of Maryland. You can rest assured you will be receiving the best warranties and top-end services.

Experienced Roofing Contractors

Each roofing contractor with us is highly trained and experienced, knowing how to work in a professional manner. They are also 100% committed to offering top-notch services that will guarantee customer satisfaction.

We understand that clients have expectations when they book services from a general contractor like us. We know our clients are looking for fantastic customer service, value for their money, and a job well done when it comes to our service area.

Our roofing company members are well prepared to deliver on these expectations to all our Towson MD clients. We can help businesses and homeowners to get the results they are looking for while remaining within their budget, and without having to compromise on quality.

Roofers at Work
Roof Shingles

We Use Premium Products

You can expect quality products being utilized in our home improvement services. Our technicians can install premium shingles, metal roofing, and slate roofing. We can also assist with tar-based roof systems, and flat roofing.

One of the key things we do differently to benefit our clients is to stock high quality, value for money CertainTeed and GAF products and systems. You name the type of roofing - we can provide and install it.

We also offer free estimates at our roofing company to help you work out your roof maintenance budget.

Our Service Area

Our contractors cater to residents and business owners in Towson and the surrounding area. We can also cater to Middle River, Glen Burnie, Perry Hall, Owings Mills, and Northern Virginia clients.

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With many years of local area experience behind us, you can trust our Towson roofing companies with all your commercial and residential roof replacement and repair needs. We provide a range of quality services, including roof maintenance, repairs, and replacement.

Aerial View of a Houses

Contact Us Today

If you need help with your roof, do not hesitate to get in touch. Contact us at (443) 450-6110 for a free estimate or to schedule a quality service today. 

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