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Roofing Ellicott City MD

Do you need roof repairs in Ellicott City, MD? Are you considering a home improvement project or thinking about installing a new roof? Then you should have our number saved on your phone - it's (443) 450-6110, by the way.

Our Ellicott City roofing company has served communities in Maryland for years with the highest quality repairs, installations, and maintenance you can find. To learn more about our services or to schedule your home improvement project, contact us today.

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Top Roofers in Ellicott City MD

We're the premier roofing contractors serving communities along the Baltimore National Pike and the surrounding area. We're here to help Ellicott homeowners and business clients get the construction and maintenance services they need at an affordable price. Whatever your project, we want to hear about it.

We pride ourselves on our high rating from customers and our reviews, as well as our top rating from accrediting institutions like the Better Business Bureau. Every time we do work in Ellicott or the surrounding area, we make it our business to leave you with a great job and a desire to phone your friends and recommend our services.

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Our business thrives on word-of-mouth recommendations - that may well be how you heard of us. We take our high rating seriously, so you can guarantee that our contractors will get the job done well and you'll be delighted with our work.

We highly recommend that you check out our reviews and rating - our customers speak for us. If your home or business needs top-quality service from contractors in Ellicott City, give us a phone call today for free estimates and more.

Our Services

Roof Repair

Whether your roof has been damaged by storms or it's simply been a while since your last check-up, we're here to provide comprehensive repairs to Ellicott City homeowners and business customers. Loose or missing shingles, damaged underlayment, or drafts in the attic can be easily remedied by our top team of contractors.

This is never a "tomorrow" job - if you notice any damage, it's time to call our Maryland roofing business. Small issues can quickly become significant problems and cost a lot more money.

Only Ellicott City roofers with a 5-star rating will do the job right. Contact us today.

Switching Roofs
Fixing the Roof

Roof Replacement

We pride ourselves on our honesty and we build close relationships with our customers. If we see it's time to have your roof replaced, we'll never keep offering repairs when they could end up costing more than the price of a full replacement.

Our contractors perform full reviews of home and business roofing in Maryland all the time, and we always offer the best solution for you. If a roof replacement would be the safest and most affordable option, we'll let you know up-front.

Get in touch with the most trusted roofing contractors in Ellicott City, MD today.

New Roof Installation

When you're planning a home improvement project, it pays to work with a team of roofing contractors and specialists who will listen to your every word and respond effectively.

We'll work with you to build a picture of how you want your new roof to look, what the best materials would be, the time it might take, and we'll offer free and accurate estimates of the cost.

We'll review the property fully and come up with an appropriate plan that matches your vision. We're the only business to call when you're planning a roofing project in Ellicott City, MD.

Call us today.

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Snow Load Rating & Inspection

When those cold Maryland winters come along, you need to be sure your home has the appropriate snow load rating. Old roofs weaken over time and their load rating decreases. If this happens to be the case, it's time for an inspection.

It's not just the snow load rating - the dead load rating and live load rating are also important. If the roof is too weak, it's dangerous for contractors (or you, as the owner of the property) to step onto it. Action is required.

We'll review your roof's snow load rating and whether its rating is sufficient to hold live weight. We can then make recommendations and give you a fantastic job restoring your home or business to a condition that meets the Maryland minimum rating guidelines. We can recommend and provide a full replacement if necessary.

Our contractors have many years of experience assessing the load rating of roofs in Maryland. Get in touch before the snowy months arrive.

Shingle Remodelling

Shingled roofs are enduringly popular in areas like Ellicott City and Columbia. They're easy to maintain, cheap to install, and attractive to look at. However, they suffer damage from wear and tear as well as accidents, and this needs addressing swiftly.

We prefer to use high-quality Owens Corning shingles when we're remodeling (see below for why we recommend this manufacturer). This allows us to offer extended warranties and offer our professional guarantee that your shingles will hold back the elements for a long time yet.

Many homeowners consider a loose or missing shingle to be a minor problem. However, even one missing shingle can let the wind get under your roof and "lift" the entire structure. Our roofing contractors can address the problem quickly and cheaply, saving you a much higher bill down the line.

To learn more about our shingle remodeling and construction services, give us a phone call today.

Roof Shingles
Image by Michael Jasmund

Metal Roofing

Our company has a license to offer the highest-quality metal roofing solutions to Maryland homeowners and businesses. Metal roofing is highly durable compared to asphalt or other materials, and in our experience, it can last for many decades if properly maintained.

It typically has a much higher load rating than slate, composite, or modified roofing. This makes it an ideal choice for the cold Maryland winters. There's also a tremendous variety of metal roofing options that our contractors can offer you when we take on your home improvement project.

Some people envisage gorgeous copper shingles for the Ellicott City home. Others might choose the corrosion-resistant aluminum, which has a striking, modern look.

Call now to speak to Ellicott City roofers specializing in metal roofing and obtain a free estimate.


Residential Roofing

We know the pride you take in your home in Ellicott City, MD. We work with homeowners in Ellicott to ensure that your roof is keeping you and your family safe and looking beautiful at all times.

Our roofing contractors are locals and our pride comes from serving our community. Phone our business today to arrange your residential roofing project.


Commercial Roofing

Businesses in Ellicott City deserve the highest level of service from professional roofers. We're here to give you that. Whether you need low slope roofing maintenance for your business on Frederick Rd or you're planning construction for new premises near Baltimore National Pike, our roofing contractors can guarantee you a great job.

You see - we're a local Maryland business, too. We understand that you want to get on with what you do best and worry about your roofing as little as possible. Our company can give you that.

Get in touch today for a full discussion and free estimates.

Emergency Roof Repair

Our lines are open 24/7. If your Maryland home or business has suffered unexpected damage, you need assistance from emergency roofing contractors straight away.

If the weather is too severe to operate, we'll securely tarp down the area and be back at your location the next day to provide comprehensive repairs. We've done many emergency repairs over the years, and we came to understand the importance of quick remediation at an affordable price.

Our business is always open for calls, whatever time of day or night. Call now.


Gutter Repair

If your gutters need repairs or you want them replaced, our roofing contractors are experts in this area. If it's simply a matter of gutter cleaning, we won't just leave you with perfectly clean gutters - we'll offer top tips for gutter maintenance so you won't need to spend money next time.

We can install new gutters that will last for longer. The gutter is a humble part of any home or business, but it does a vital job.

Get in touch if your gutters need our repair or cleaning service.

Siding Repair

We repair siding on properties in Ellicott City, Columbia, and across Howard County. Siding can be damaged by freak accidents or bad weather - winter is especially cruel to your siding. If there's anywhere for water to get into cracks, you could see your siding crack and warp.

Give us a phone call to book siding repair.

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Siding Installation

If you need new construction on siding projects, we're the expert contractors you need. We can recommend materials appropriate for your home or business and see that your property looks great and is well-protected by high-quality siding.

If you would like siding installed in Ellicott City, MD, contact us today.

Exterior Maintenance

We have experience in all types of exterior maintenance - check out our reviews for examples. Whether it's windows, gutters, or exterior walls, over the years we came to offer the full package of exterior construction and maintenance services.

Contact our Maryland roofing contractors today to book a discussion.

Housing Development

Home Improvement

We happily take on home improvement projects. We respect your vision as the property owner and only offer our professional advice, experience, and reviews of the plans to make your home improvement dream come true.

Call us today to find out about our home improvement service.

Rare Material Sourcing
& Repair

We specialize in doing what other Ellicott City roofing contractors don't. If that means sourcing rare materials or specialist equipment to maintain or enhance your home or business, we'll do everything in our power to find what you're looking for.

When you're struggling to find roofers that offer exactly what you need, we're the company to call.

Phone us today to review the best options.

Twisted Red Tile Roof

Why We Use Owens Corning Shingles for Roofing in Ellicott City MD

Owens Corning is a top U.S. shingle manufacturer. Using products such as the Owens Corning TruDefinition Duration Shingles and their Supreme Shingles enables us to offer you extended warranties on our work. Their 50-year rating means that your roof will offer better protection for longer.


They can also help your home or business stand out - just check out our color guide. We highly recommend Owens Corning above other types of shingles.


Give our business a phone call today to learn more about what a 50-year rating means and why we prefer Owens Corning for roofing in Ellicott City, MD.

Our Service Area


Ellicott City

Whether you own a business on Frederick Rd or are a property owner in the suburbs needing your gutters repaired, we're here for Ellicott City residents. Call now.



We have a license to operate across Maryland, and Columbia is one of our main service areas. We're proud to offer Columbia homeowners and businesses the highest level of service. Book a discussion today.



Our company is headquartered in Pikesville. From our base, we've served Howard County and the wider Maryland community for many years. We're listed under our Pikesville address on the BBB - check out our reviews and rating, or call to learn more.

Call Us to Learn If We Serve Your Location

From Ellicott City to Columbia, Silver Spring to Owings Mills, our Maryland roofing contractors can deliver great service to homes and businesses in any location near the Baltimore National Pike. Contact us today.

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How We'll Manage Your Roofing Project in Ellicott City MD

Here's what you can expect when you contact our roofing contractors for a business or home improvement project in Ellicott City, MD.

We'll Listen to You

Your vision, our experience. Our roofing contractors are here to give your home or business the treatment that you want, whether it's simple gutter repairs or a full makeover.

Meeting with Clients

Giving You a Free Estimate

When you came to us, you expected reasonable prices and great service. We'll review the plan and give you a free estimate that breaks down the full cost of the project so you know that you're getting the best deal.


Assigning a Project Manager

Unfortunately, many contractors will just say "okay" when you schedule service and leave it at that. We'll assign a project manager who will always be there to pick up the phone and answer your questions. Our customer care is what came to earn us our high rating, and we care about keeping that rating.

Image by Jo Szczepanska

Drawing Up a Plan with You

We'll build a timescale for the project and see to it that all our construction work is done at a convenient time for you. For example, businesses may not want their gutters being replaced while their doors are open - no bother. It's our business to ensure minimal disruption to you.

Architectural Plans

We'll Begin Work

Our professional roofing contractors will be courteous and friendly while we're working. We'll offer reviews of our progress throughout and provide additional free estimates if any changes to the schedule need to be made.

Roofer at Work

Total Satisfaction

Whether you've booked a full home improvement project, roof repairs, or simply need your gutters cleaning, we're not finished until the job is done to your satisfaction. We maintain our 5-star rating by going the extra mile, and when our customers leave reviews to let us know we've done a great job, nothing makes us happier.

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What Makes Us the Best Roofing Contractors in Ellicott City, Maryland?

Why would you choose Bravo above other roofing contractors in Ellicott City, MD? We're glad you asked.

Local Maryland Roofers

Our team is drawn from the local community. As such, we know the needs of Maryland homeowners and businesses, and we have unparalleled expertise when it comes to ensuring that your roof protects you from the extremes of the Maryland climate.

Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

Every roofer on our team has a license and insurance to protect against accidents when we're working. Our business is bonded, meaning that you'll receive full compensation even if we vanish into thin air and never phone you back. Not that we would, but you can schedule service from our roofers with full confidence.

Experienced Professionals

We have many years of experience in the roofing business. We never hire day laborers - you'll always be working with fully trained and licensed roofing contractors.

We also conduct regular reviews to ensure our team is up-to-date with the best techniques, materials, and practices. We're always looking to improve our knowledge, our service, and our rating - even the best can become better!

Superb Customer Service

We pride ourselves on our customer service. Our roofing contractors are professional, polite, and friendly - it doesn't matter who picks up the

phone, you'll receive 5-star care when you call us.


This continues when we're on the job. We see to it that we only hire roofers who are passionate about serving our community.

0% Financing

We offer full financing on projects with 0% interest. Check out our finance page.

BBB-Accredited Roofing Business

We have an A+ rating with the BBB and only 5-star reviews on our company page.

Trusted by the Community

Every review you leave is valuable to us - it shows us that our work is improving the lives of Maryland residents and business owners. That's what we're here for. Take a look at our rating and reviews on Google Maps!

Wide-Ranging Services

We're more than just a roofing business. We offer full exterior maintenance and home improvement services in Ellicott City, MD. Whether it's gutter repairs or sourcing a rare material to ensure we restore your Ellicott City home properly, you can ask us anything.

Offering Extended Warranties

We're able to offer longer warranties than other contractors due to our good relationship with Owens Corning and our specialization in metal roofing.

We see to it that every customer is left fully satisfied. Call our roofing business today for free estimates and more.

Call Bravo Today for a Free Estimate

Whatever your roofing need, we're here to help. However large or small the project, we'll listen and respond effectively. Whether you're in central Ellicott City, Columbia, or the wider area surrounding Baltimore National Pike, Bravo awaits your call.

Book your discussion now.

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