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Beware of Storm Chasers After Big Storms in Maryland

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Maryland is a fantastic place to live, with culture, community, and beautiful scenery. However, the area also gets its fair share of extreme weather. Looking after roofing in Maryland can be a stressful task.

Big storms can cause significant property damage, leaving you in need of emergency repairs. After major events, storm chasers tend to show up in towns, promising cheap repairs. However, these repairs can actually be dangerous and uninsured.

Read on to find out why you should avoid storm chasers and how to find the best roofing companies in Maryland.

Beware of Storm Chasers After Big Storms in Maryland

What Are Storm Chasers?

Storm chasers are groups of tradespeople who show up in towns that have just experienced a major storm. With frequent tornados, tropical storms, and even hurricanes hitting Maryland, these contractors can be a common feature. However, they are not the best roofing companies in Maryland.

Storm chasers promise to provide quick, cheap repairs. They usually state that they are less expensive than established roofing companies in Maryland. However, in the long term, this is not true.

Unlike established roofing contractors in Maryland, storm chasers are often unlicensed and uninsured. If anything happens to them or your roof because of their work, you will be facing a hefty fee.

Furthermore, unlike a reliable roofing company in MD, they often use cheap materials. Poor-quality repairs can make your property more susceptible to fire. It often leads to more expensive repairs in the long term.

Don't Trust a Storm Chaser: Here's What You Need to Do Instead

Instead of a storm chaser, you should use an established roofing company in MD. There are several reasons why a Maryland roofing company is better than a storm chaser for your property:

Local Knowledge: A local company will know the area and common issues. They are more likely to be able to spot and repair all problems.

Bulk Buying Supplies: Most contractors have a good relationship with material suppliers. They can get the goods needed for repairs at a lower cost, saving you money.

Reviews Available: It's inadvisable to use a contractor unless you have reliable reviews about their services. If you choose a local roofing company, it's easier to find other people who have used them.

Keep your roofing in Maryland safe by choosing a reputable local contractor. Don't fall for the scams of storm chasers. Roofing scams have led some residents to lose as much as $20,000 — make sure you're not one of them.

Protect Your Roof from Storm Chasers

Although storm damage is a scary prospect, there's no need to panic. There are plenty of roofing companies in Maryland that can provide safe, effective repairs. Make sure to double-check that any Maryland roofing company you choose is insured, established, and has reliable reviews.

Taking care of roofing in Maryland can be a difficult task, but with this guide, you'll know how to keep your property safe and secure. Many great roofing contractors in Maryland will help you maintain your dream home.


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