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Roof Wind Damage: How It Happens and How to Deal with It

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Even mild wind damage to your roofing in Maryland can become expensive to repair if left too long. Winds can cause untold damage to your roof and home.

Getting in touch with a Maryland roofing company can help you know what to do to keep your roof in good shape.

Roof Wind Damage: How It Happens and How to Deal with It

Wind Damage Causes

Intense storms are the leading cause of significant Maryland roofing damage, but regular high winds also cause damage. High wind, often accompanied by pelting rains, can tear away roof shingles and even cause close branches and trees to fall onto the roof.

Exposure to wear and tear caused by wind can slowly erode the quality and stability of your roof.

Types of Wind Damage

According to roofing companies in Maryland, there are several types of wind damage:

• Lifted shingles — this is when the wind lifts or even tears shingles off your roof. It can lead to leaks and a general weakening of the roof structure. It is essential to replace shingles if you notice some missing after a storm or gusting winds.

• Loose shingles — loosened shingle patches occur when the roof installation used inferior quality shingles. Windy weather loosens shingles over time. Loose patches make a roof more vulnerable to other damage.

• Damaged edging — the shingles around the roof’s edge can take a beating in heavy weather. These damaged shingles can impact others, leading to more damage, leaks, etc.

• Debris — sometimes, it is small pieces of debris like branches blown onto the roof in storms, and sometimes it can be a whole tree. In the latter case, high winds can lead to severe damage to your roof and house and possibly impact your family's safety.

Over time, this kind of damage can lead to multiple pesky leaks, structural instability, and even a collapse in the worst-case scenario. Problems left unattended can also end up costing you thousands of dollars in repairs.

If you have any of the above damage, your roofing company MD can help you know what to do.

What to Do About Wind Damage

Keep an eye on your roof, and don’t hesitate to take action if you notice any deterioration. Routine maintenance and repairs are the best ways to prevent minor issues from getting worse. By catching problems early, you’ll also save money.

It’s best to contact a Maryland roofing company right away if you notice any roofing problems. They will be able to advise you.

Create a relationship with your roofing contractors in Maryland. It can help in an emergency, such as after extensive storm damage, when everyone else is also desperate to get assistance.

Many roofing companies in Maryland also offer membership or emergency services, so you can get priority service when necessary.

Bottom Line

As you can see, looking for the best roofing companies in Maryland is the best course of action. Then, make one of them your new pal. Don’t let minor roofing issues turn into big ones—your roof will last much longer if well maintained.


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